There’s More to Industrial Calcium Carbonate Fillers than Meets the Eye

From the homes we live in, to the roads we drive, Tradegates Minerals fillers play a role. Tradegates fillers for paints, adhesives, caulks and sealants equally impresses on a spreadsheet as it does on a construction site. Through exact specifications, we deliver low oil and water absorption, and high opacity as well as added durability to our customers. In adhesives and sealants, we add body for increased chemical and weather resistance. No matter the application, our industrial filler products perform at the highest level. The performance of Tradegates industrial filler products is truly noticeable when the rubber meets the road. Our road-tested, dry ground calcium carbonate, with a controlled range of fine particle sizes, has been a staple in the asphalt sealants and emulsions industry for many years. Our customers get the best of both worlds with increased density and stability, reinforced structure and increased rheology. Name a plastic or rubber product and Tradegates will show you an industry-leading filler solution. Epoxies, polypropylene, polyesters, polyolefin film, PVC pipe, rubber hoses and floor matting all benefit from the cost-saving and strengthening power of our calcium technology. Power that includes: increased heat and impact resistance, reduced oil absorption and enhanced dimensional stability and strength. We offer a myriad of product industrial mineral filler applications with one goal

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