Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) plays an important role in the improvement of paint formulations.

The primary layer or covering is acquired by blending normal shades in with vegetable or creature oils, its application is proposed, most importantly, for ornamental purposes. The persistent advancement of innovation and examination in new materials (saps, added substances, solvents, or PCC itself) implies that it is workable for the paint to turn into a fundamental defensive covering.

The scope of items offered by Tradegates carries the accompanying benefits to the paint area:

The incorporation of CALPREC PA® or Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) in the plan of its paint gives haziness and whiteness. Moreover, on account of its exceptional microstructure it favors the crumbling of titanium dioxide, spreading out and appropriating itself at the ideal distance, it, in this manner, works on its exhibition. As such, CALPREC PA® is utilized as an extender of TiO2 thus decreases its utilization, accomplishing similar outcomes just as altogether saving assembling costs. CALPREC PA® can be utilized in both water-based frameworks and in solvents.