Two main functions performed by two products supplied by Tradegates: regeneration of reactants with quick-lime, improving mechanical paper properties through the addition of PCC.

Paper is a combination of mechanically or chemically treated vegetable fibres. Its first production dates back to the year 100 A.D and its process has undergone many changes and advances, making it into a modern and demanding sector today.

Tradegates offers tailor-made products for this sector, mainly directed at a two-step process:

  • To release the natural wood fibres, it is necessary to prepare a cooking process in a digester with liquid compounds and lignin separating agents. Degraded liquids in cooking are then regenerated using Tradegates products.
  • Once separated and cleaned, the fibres are passed through paper machines, which distribute fibres, adding mineral fillers and additives to stabilize and give the paper consistency, which is obtained after the final drying.