Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) improves the dynamic properties of rubber.

Normal elastic is a flexible polymeric emission, showing up as a smooth emulsion (known as latex) in the sap of a few plants, yet it can likewise be delivered artificially.

CALPREC® PR-B is a ultrafine covered PCC utilized as burden that can artificially bond with the elastic polymer framework. This impact assists the eventual outcome with keeping up with the pressure solidness, and thusly upgrades other mechanical properties, like rigidity, extreme prolongation and hardness.

CALPREC® PR is a ultrafine covered PCC utilized in a wide scope of rubbers, like preparing specialists. It very well may be utilized to give a specific degree of support as it is not difficult to deal with and scatter inside a compound.

Micronised Calcium Oxide is highly reactive if used with a drying agent in different formulations.